Amir Khan responds to ‘fans’ who sent him abuse after he put up a Christmas tree in his house

Boxer Amir Khan has responded to fans trolling him and even sending him vile death threats after he posted a picture of his Christmas tree onto social media.

The boxer was bombarded with abuse and death threats from social media users after he uploaded the picture showing a Christmas at his home, with the caption: ‘While everyone’s asleep, daddy put the Christmas tree up. Lamaisah’s going to be happy.’

Khan, a devout Muslim, instantly received a backlash from his fans who started posting  abusive and threatening messages in the comment section while others accused him of ‘betraying’ Islam.

One man wrote: ‘Allah is definitely judging him for that and will surely punish those who imitate the kuffar by celebrating and joining in their pagan… festivals.’

Another wrote: True Muslim believers wouldn’t be putting a Christmas tree in their house hence he doesn’t represent a true Muslim.’

One vile troll even threatened Khan, writing: “I promise to god I want to kill you and your family amir.”

While another death threat read: ‘You must be dead and your family will be death i promise and Allah must promise i and all see you and check you your angel death came to see you.’

Khan has since responded for his reasons for putting up a Christmas tree during Christmas.

He said: “Basically I put a Christmas tree up at the house, my little girl wanted one because she was going to school and all her friends have Christmas trees at their house

So i decided i’ll get her one and put some presents underneath it for her and I got a lot of hate comments.

People saying to me are you Christian, I don’t think its got anything to do with religion.

He went on: We live in Britain and Christmas or any other celebration we have to follow but it doesn’t make you a Christian or make you a bad person.