Amir Khan’s team replies after dozens of questions about the boxer eating haram food

Boxer Amir Khan’s team have confirmed he is receiving special halal food during his stay in the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here jungle.

Khan’s team revealed that cooks provide him with specially-prepared food after dozens of fans questioned how he was avoiding eating haram or forbidden food on the show.

One fan asked on Twitter: ‘Forever wondering what @amirkingkhan does when there’s all that haram meat around?’

While another wrote: ‘It is obvious @amirkingkhan is eating haram food as the food served to him is the same as the other contestants’

A team member who is currently in charge of Khan’s social media accounts was quick to reply, saying: ‘Amir is provided with a Halal option whenever the camp win food. #TeamAK’

However, according to some scholars Khan does have the option to eat jungle creepy crawlies in Bushtucker Trials.

One Muslim scholar wrote online: ‘There is no evidence in the Quran or Hadith at all where most insects (except scorpions) are called unclean. Therefore, insects are halal and you can eat them if you want without committing a sin.

Other scholars disagreed with this opinion stating: ‘Scholars debated and had different opinions regarding the permissibility of eating insects.

‘The Hanafi scholars for example prohibited eating insects whereas the Maliki scholars had permitted eating them.

‘Other scholars such as the Shafi’i and Hanbali scholars detailed the matter and prohibited some insects and permitted eating others.

Earlier, Khan left viewers bemused after asking if a woman has ever become a prime minister when the current prime minister of the United Kingdom happens to be a woman.

Khan asked the laughable question (video below) after Georgia Toffolo had been appointed the jungle’s deputy Prime Minister, asking: ‘Is it possible a woman could take over and become the prime minister.’

Stanley Johnson replied: ‘Well a woman would take over because my deputy is a woman’

Khan then said: ‘No no, what i’m trying to say is when your times up can a woman become a prime minister.’

Khan then sent the camp into disbelief and laughter by asking: ‘Has a woman ever become prime minister?’

He quickly backtracked by saying ‘Oh, Margaret Thatcher. S**t!’ without realising the current prime minister is also a female.

Khan was left red faced after being informed by Rebekah Vardy that Theresa May, the prime minister of the UK since June 2016, was in fact a female.

Khan replied sheepishly: ‘Oh and Theresa May. Guys don’t tell no-one that.’