Babysitter who beat two-year-old girl so violently she was left blind and brain damaged is jailed

A babysitter who violently battered a two-year-old girl so ‘ferociously’ that her ‘injuries were equivalent to a car accident at 70mph ‘leaving her disabled and brain damaged, has been jailed for 14 years.

Evil father-of-two, Nisar Ali, 34, beat and shook the child in a fit of ‘inhumane rage’ after being asked to watch her for just 10 minutes.

Minshull Street Crown Court heard in the run up to the attack on January 11 this year, Ali had collected the child from her mother’s house but it is thought he lost his temper with her at a nearby park.

He then took her to his parents’ home nearby and carried out the vicious assault

The child was then returned to her parents home in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, where she collapsed and Ali left without saying a word about he had done.

The toddler was left with 30 injuries, including a fractured skull and a brain bleed, which the judge said were tantamount to being in a motorway car crash or falling from a second-floor window.

The little girl has been left permanently brain damaged and disabled for the rest of her life and is unable to see out of one eye with no movement in her left side.

During the trial Ali, who will be released on licence in 2036, claimed to know nothing about how she came to be injured and pleaded ignorance when the youngster started groaning.

A victim impact statement from the girl’s father revealed the devastating impact the attack has had on her family.

The businessman said: ‘Words cannot describe what I’ve been put through by this one inhumane person.

‘The January 11 is one date I will never forget. At 5.35pm when my ex-wife called me to say my little girl was not breathing.

‘My daughter was lying there lifeless I couldn’t believe my eyes. The nurse said she was very critical and by the time I came back she might not be here.

‘Seeing her like that was heart-breaking. Her sister has been mentally traumatised and asks when she will be normal.

‘My daughter will never be the same, the actions of this one inhumane person has caused my daughter her future.

‘I will do my best to give to her what’s been selfishly taken from her. Mr Ali will be out of prison one day but my daughter still needs a head operation.

‘No sentence can justify what’s happened regardless of the length.’

Sentencing him at Minshull Street Crown Court Judge Tina Landale said: ‘This is a grave crime, the evidence which the jury heard provided a chilling insight into your character and sense of morality and humanity.

‘Before this incident the child you injured was a very bright, delightful, happy child with all of her future ahead of her.

‘It must have been a ferocious assault on a defenceless two-year-old child.

‘You have a short temper, you don’t tolerate independence of mind, you have strict ideas about how children should be brought up.’

Judge Landale added: ‘Your defence was that you had not caused any injury and had no knowledge how she came to be so gravely ill – but the evidence in the trial showed you to be a manipulative man.

‘It may never be known what you did to her but something happened at the park when you took her there. You were away from the mother for a period of 10 minutes.

‘The child suffered 30 deliberate injuries, three were life threatening head injuries, a fractured skull, the force required would be consistent with a fall from a second story building.

‘She was also shaken so badly her injuries were equivalent to a car accident at 70mph.

‘She became immediately unwell, in an act of cold calculation and self preservation you chose not to tell her mother, you drove her back and left her there.

‘When the mother became aware that she was making groaning noises you pretended not to know why. You displayed no concern for the child in the aftermath.’