Evil uncle raped his niece before killing her and hiding her body in the freezer court hears

An evil uncle raped his 20-year-old niece before ordering her to get into a freezer as part of a plan to freeze her to death before slitting her throat, a court has heard.

33-year-old Mujahid Arshad masterminded a plan to kidnap, rape and kill his niece, Celine Dookhran, and a friend of Dookhran after finding out they were having a sexually relationship with their boyfriends.

Arshad is accused of planning for weeks ahead of the kidnapping and even doing an internet search looking for information about what temperature the human body freezes at.

Prosecutor Crispin Aylett QC said Arshad kidnapped both women after tasering them on Wednesday 19 July from London and took them to a vacant £1.5m home of a client.

He also took clothes belonging to the girls so it would appear they had simply run away, the court heard.

Both girls were then taken inside and tied up to pipes before being raped by Arshad, who played out ‘a number of his sexual fantasies.’

The jury was told the 21-year-old survivor, who cannot be named, heard Celine scream for at least 10 minutes as she was tied up.

The prosecutor said: ‘The defendant told Celine to climb into the deep freezer in the kitchen, she refused, she said it was too cold.

‘Arshid went and fetched a large towel and wrapped her in it. Celine, who must have been beside herself with fear – she had already been kidnapped and raped – climbed into the freezer.’

Mr Aylett said he searched for the phrase ‘at what temperature does the human body freeze at’.

He said: ‘It would seem that Arshid must have intended that Celine should freeze to death.’

The survivor pleaded with Arshad to let Celine get out of the freezer and promised she would ‘never say a word’ to anyone.

She told him: ‘We know you’re hurting, you can leave us two right now, walk out of that door.’

But Arshad took Celine back upstairs, Mr Aylett said, and the girl heard screams, several thuds and the sound of tape being unrolled.

Moments later the surviving girl was taken into the bathroom where she saw a container but did not know what was inside it.

‘She did know what was in the container, at first she thought it contained human organs.

‘Although no such item was found and it is apparent from the post-mortem examination that Celine was not disembowelled.’

He told the girl Celine was ‘sleeping’ before he attacked her too and slashed her neck, chest and stomach before sexually assaulting her.

As she lay seriously injured, Arshid sexually assaulted her again and said: ‘How are you still breathing? You should have seen Celine when I cut her neck, there was so much blood, oh my God,’ the court heard.

Having decided against killing her, Arshid then took the girl to his brother and told him they were ‘running away together’ but his brother took the girl straight to the hospital because she looked like a ‘ghost’ and had been ‘brutally cut’, jurors were told.

It is believed the girl convinced Arshad they could be together in a desperate bid for survival.

Officers went to the house and discovered the body of Ms Dookhran in a padlocked freezer in a utility room.

Mr Aylett said: ‘A police officer arrived with a crowbar. The lock was broken and inside was the body of Celine Dookhran. She had obviously been dead for some considerable time.’

A sock had been stuffed into her mouth and she had died from a combined effect of restricted airways and loss of blood.

The court also heard Celine was pressured to split up with her boyfriend a day before her ruthless killing because he was from Libya, and not Pakistan.

Arshad is accused of murder, attempted murder, rape of both women and the previous sexual assault and assault by penetration of the surviving woman when she was about 13.

The trial continues.