Husband jailed for stabbing his wife to death after an argument about his gambling and drinking issues

A 49-year-old man from Birmingham has been jailed after he was found guilty of stabbing his wife to death in front of their children after an argument about his gambling addiction.

Shaeen Akhtar, 49, who worked as a clothing sewer, encountered her drunk husband at their doorstep and asked him to leave when he returned home following a gambling and drugs spree.

Her husband, Parvez, pulled out a combat-style knife from his pocket and stabbed her in the left portion of the chest as their children watched in horror.

The eldest son, Adeil Akhtar rushed to helped his mother and shoved his father out of the way as his mother collapsed. She was given immediate CPR but the substantial loss of blood proved fatal and she lost her life.

Adeil described his mum as having “the most beautiful soul” and how this vicious act by someone none other than their father left him and his siblings “Broken, hurt, confused, empty and devastated.”

Akhtar managed to flee from the scene but was “caught within a matter of minutes” in Alum Rock, Birmingham.

He pleaded guilty to murdering his wife and admitted that he habitually carried the combat styled knife outside the house for purpose of personal protection.

It was later revealed that he had stolen £200 from his wife to fulfill his gambling addiction which he lost in a fate-defying bet. Akhtar didn’t return home until the following evening because he felt ‘ashamed and upset’.

“Mrs Akhtar confronted her husband when he returned home at around 4pm having been out all night drinking,” reported a police official named Inspector Joyce.

Judge Mark Wall QC jailed Akhtar for a minimum of 20 years before he could be considered for a release.

Shaeen Akhtar, 49,

During the judicial trial, it was also disclosed that Akhtar had faced similar psychological trauma at the age of only 9-years old when he witnessed his mother killing his father.

Although his grief was genuine, his actions didn’t justify it as Judge Wall told him during the hearing: “You did what you did while the children were at home and some of them witnessed it. There can be few things so distressing as watching a loved one die from a violent act.”