Indian man live streams wife’s torture after demanding £44,000 dowry from her family in India

German police have arrested an Indian man after he live streamed the brutal torture of his wife, which was seen by her parents, as he tried to force them to pay a promised dowry.

The husband, Identified as 35-year-old security guard Gagandeep, tortured his wife at their flat near Munich, Germany, along with his brother as her parents watched in horror thousands of miles away from at their home in New Delhi, India.

Gagandeep attempted to blackmail his in-laws by demanding £44,000 worth of dowry from them and told them if they refused to pay he would kill their daughter.

Luckily another family member who was watching the live stream called a friend in Cologne to tell him what was happening. He in turn rang the police in Munich who raced to the apartment.

German police rushed to the flat and discovered the woman on the street begging passers-by for help.

Her two abusers were arrested and charged with grievous bodily harm, blackmail and attempted robbery.

The incident came just days after the victim posted on social media of her happiness with her husband, saying: “Love lasts forever. My life is great with you.”

Police chief Josef Wimmer said: “We feared the worst when we got there. Both of the men were seriously drunk. Her husband was demanding a dowry of 50,000 euros from her parents which he claimed they promised him to marry her but which was not paid.´

“She suffered massive abuse. At one stage her husband threatened to kill her. And her parents were witnessing this, powerless to stop him.”
The woman is now believed to be in the care of an organisation that cares for the victims of domestic abuse.