Kamran Raja has appeal to reduce sentence rejected months after gloating on video from prison

A YouTuber who was sent to jail for 10 years after his car crashed into pensioner Edward Harris’ vehicle while driving at ‘insane speeds’, fatally injuring the pensioner, has had his appeal to cut his sentence rejected.

37-year-old Kamran Raja also released a video threatening his social media rival ‘Gucci’ just days into his sentence inside HMP Birmingham.

Raja had been driving his white Audi Quattro dangerously before crashing into pensioner Edward Harris’ vehicle.

The 85-year-old grandad had been driving home from church on April 2 in 2016 when Raja ploughed into his Honda Jazz on the A4123 Wolverhampton Road in Warley.

The pensioner was rushed to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham , but died of organ failure the day after the crash.

Raja initially attempted to blame the pensioner for the fatal crash but eventually pleaded guilty to death by dangerous driving and was jailed for ten years at Wolverhampton Crown Court.

Now senior judges have rejected Raja’s appeal to have his sentence reduced and have said it was ‘driving of the worst type’.

Mr Justice Dingemans told the court Raja’s attempt to blame his actions on the victim and his long record for driving offences made the offence worse.

“This was a prolonged, persistent and deliberate course of bad driving,” he said.

“The crown court judge heard the prosecution witnesses give evidence and his findings of fact were soundly based.

“Those showed aggressive driving, overtaking and undertaking inappropriately in a 40mph area.

“This was driving of the worst type, described by a number of those who had witnessed it in the lead-up to what seemed to be the inevitable consequences.”

Raja also appeared to show no remorse during a 50 second video clip (below) which was posted online just days into his sentence and showed Raja and 10 other inmates, many of them covering their faces to hide their identity, sending threats to ‘Gucci’.

During the clip Raja is heard saying: “Yo! You can chat the chat right, but when it comes to walk with us right, you ain’t got the capacity, you ain’t got clout”.

“your a c**t mate, and a registered one”

“You ain’t ready for HMP!”

The other inmates then start shouting and swearing as Raja gives the middle finger to the camera and smiles as masked prisoners make menacing gun gestures and shout: ‘Bang, bang’. He signs off by boasting: ‘That’s how we roll.’

The judge, sitting with Judge Michael Topoloski QC and Lord Justice Holroyde, dismissed Raja’s bid for a cut in his sentence.