Mom left embarrassed after accidentally sending picture of bum to carpet fitters

Going for a handshake and being ignored. Falling backwards on your chair. Walking into see-through surfaces. All common sources of embarrassment.

But have you ever sent a picture of your burnt arse to the carpet fitters?

Danielle Cain has, and she can confirm that it is very, very embarrassing.

The hairdresser had been messaging Carpets At Home and in order for them to give her a quote, they asked her to send through pictures of her stairs and landing.

Danie Cain accidentally sent a picture of her burnt bum to a carpet fitters. Credit: Kennedy News and Media

The 31-year-old obliged – but also accidentally sent a picture of her burnt arse, which she had overcooked on the sunbed.

Danielle, from Wigan, UK, said: “I had been on the sunbeds and burned my bum.

“I’ve been kind of speaking to this lad and I was telling him about it and he said, ‘Oh my god, send me a picture,’ so I did – that’s why it was on my camera roll then.

“When I was asked to send a picture of my halls, stairs and landing, I’ve clicked that as well.

“I realised instantly that I’d sent that picture when they all came up on my screen.

“I looked and messaged them, ‘Oh my god, I didn’t mean to send that! I’m so so sorry, I’ve burned my bum on a sunbed.'”

Having realised her error, Danielle replied to Carpets At Home, saying: “Omg, omg omg wtf I’m so sorry I didn’t mean click on that last pic Iv burned my arse on the sunbed ffs I’m so sorry. I’m dying.”

Fortunately for her, there was an understanding woman at the other end of the phone, who was more interested in talking about her underlay than her red rear.

She replied: “Don’t worry about it. Luckily I’m a girl so I can make sure the lads don’t see the pictures. Based on the picture for our budget carpet including underlay and fitting would be from £160 this includes gripper or without underlay would be more around £125.”

The conversation continued like this: brief bit of chat about Danielle accidentally sending through a picture of her burnt buttocks, then back to underlay.

Danielle said: “Thank god for that!!!! Hahahaha I’m absolutely mortified. That’s brill, would u recommend underlay? Xx”

Carpets At Home replied: “Oh don’t worry about it. Underlay gives you a better feel underfoot on the carpet and will make the carpet last longer.”

So it seems Danielle got lucky that the woman on the other end of the phone was so damn professional. That said, her cooked arse has now made it all over the internet.

Ashley, the social media manager at Carpets at Home, said: “It gave me a good laugh, it really did.

“It’s funny some of the stuff you see within the flooring trade. It doesn’t happen all the time but when it does it cracks me up.”

Whether Danielle will eventually give Carpets At Home the gig remains to be seen, but that’s all we have time for in this week’s instalment of ‘funny stuff from the flooring trade’.