Mother beats 16-year-old housemaid to death for eating from her daughters plate

Three women, including a mother and her daughter, have been arrested for the murder of a 16-year-old domestic worker in Lahore, Pakistan, because she ate from the daughters plate.

Police arrested bank officer Mahrukh, her daughter Aima and her sister-in-law Rehana on January 21.

Reportedly, the three women had brutally tortured and murdered the maid for helping herself to some meat from a curry.

According to the police, the two women murdered the domestic worker two weeks ago before dumping her body in a nearby drain.


Police said that Mahrukh hit Uzma over the head with a kitchen utensil after which her condition started to deteriorate rapidly.

Instead of taking her to a hospital, Aima and Rehana strangled her, and then dumped the body in a sewerage drain.

Mahrukh was taken into police custody where she confessed to committing the crime during interrogation.

On the information provided by the accused, police also arrested Mahrukh’s daughter and sister-in-law.

Police said that Uzma was a resident of Hanjarwal and was paid Rs4,000 every month.

Three women have been arrested for the murder

Earlier, Uzma’s family had alleged that the victim was murdered by Mahrukh at whose home she had been working for two months.

Two days before the maid’s body was discovered from a drain in Iqbal Town, Mahrukh called Uzma’s family and told them that the girl had fled the house after committing a robbery.