Pictures of a £2.3m mansion described as ‘Buckingham palace’ built by a feared Birmingham gangster known as ‘The General’ have been released.

Initial images of a sprawling, 40-room mansion in Pakistan, styled on the Buckingham Palace have emerged belonging to a Birmingham based tax swindler Suleman Khan.

Nicknamed as ‘the General’, Khan hid his wealth and avoided showing its trapping in the UK while he secretly built a property empire in Pakistan.

According to a local of the town of Ghorgushti, Khan allegedly bought the two-acre land for £2.2m to establish his gargantuan palace which had no official record of ownership.

The work, however, halted midway when the 46-year old was imprisoned for four years in April 2014 over a tax defrauding case of nearly £450,000.

The businessman was due to be released in two years’ time but was sentenced to a further ten years in prison in 2016 on refusing to pay back the original monetary value of the ‘palace’.

Since Khan’s jail time has been extended, the unfinished compound has been abandoned for work. Half-built, it lies empty in a deserted village, guarded and surrounded by private armed wardens.

‘If you try to get into or jump from the wall they will shoot you, they often do aerial firing at night too,’ said a neighbour when inquired about the security at Khan’s mansion.

As per reports, Khan’s pioneered plans regarding the site included 40 bedrooms, lush gardens, a cinema and swimming pools accompanied by servant quarters, a library and private security housing.

Khan was a frequent visitor to the village and was more often than not accompanied by his private security guards.

According to the residents of the village, he had even won the official federal approval to name the palace and the surrounding areas in the outskirts after him: Suleman Abad.

Amongst the locals he was highly renowned as ‘the Don’.

One of the locals said during an interview:“Don used to come here off and on. Even children call him ‘Don’ and know that this huge palace is his house.”

“He always helped people in the village,” said the local villager.

The massive tax scam was revealed and exposed when the British police raided Khan’s home and found plans regarding the mansion.

Google image pictures comparing the huge mansion with Buckingham palace

Following a detailed investigation, a court found his brother, his entourage and a couple of his colleagues guilty of the crime too. They were also imprisoned for forging financial documents and obtaining mortgages for the properties they ultimately rented out to earn huge sums of money.

The shadowy strategies and hidden assets of the gang were debunked and ‘the trio were ordered to pay back more than £13million’, in accordance to the head of the Regional Asset Recovery Team, Inspector Jones’s statement.