Police appeal over killing of man who came to UK for ‘safety’ after the Taliban killed his family

Police have renewed a witness appeal and want to speak to anyone who may have video footage of a fight which led to the fatal stabbing of a 16-year-old asylum seeker who had fled Afghanistan after five members of his family were killed by the Taliban.

20-year-old Moosakhan Nasiri fled Afghanistan for a better life and safety after the Taliban killed his father, mother, two sisters and eight-year-old brother after bursting into his house.

Nasiri only escaped death as he was staying with relatives in the Afghan capital Kabul.

After their deaths Nasiri sold his family home and in early 2015 began a year long journey which saw him travel from Kabul to Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Calais in France before eventually arriving in the UK as an asylum seeker.

But he was fatally stabbed himself after only one year of arriving to the UK.

He was set upon by five men while he sad on a picnic bench after playing football in Plashet Park, East Ham, who took it

One of the attackers stabbed him in his heart in front of shocked bystanders.

A consultant surgeon who had also been playing football in the park tried to save Mr Nasiri’s life but the youngster was pronounced dead an hour later.

Police have now renewed a witness appeal and want to speak to anyone who may have video footage of the fight which led to the fatal stabbing.

Detective Inspector John Marriot, who is dealing with the investigation, said: “This attack happened in the middle of a busy park and there will have been numerous witnesses to this violent stabbing.

“I would encourage anyone with information, and in particular any video footage, to submit this to us so that we can bring those responsible to justice.”

Anyone who witnessed this incident or has information should call police on 020 8345 3715, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.