Teacher accused of sexually assaulting pupil after trying to start a lesbian affair with her

A maths teacher has been accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old female pupil after trying to start a lesbian affair with her.

Prosecutors claimed Aveesha Ahsan had asked the 16-year-old pupil to ‘do sex’ with her and even proposed marriage to the pupil.

Inner London Crown Court heard in an attempt to gain the affection of the pupil the 34-year-old offered to buy her gifts including a Kindle, prom dress and make-up.

Prosecutor Sophie Shotton said: “It was clear the defendant was fully aware of the complainant’s age as she was a student of hers but also because the complainant told the defendant that she was 16 in WhatAapp messages that passed between the two of them.”

Police were called after the pupil informed another teacher at her school.

Ms Shotton said: “She said the defendant had been sexually inappropriate, had pushed herself on to her and she told her teachers about the messages the defendant had sent her.”

“The messages included comments about how attractive she was, and the defendant asking her whether she could have sex with her.

“In short the Crown say these messages show the defendant’s behaviour was manipulative, inappropriate and in a sexual manner towards the complainant.

“Messages sent by the defendant included comments about her appearance, comments about her body, requests to hug her, repeated requests to kiss her, a marriage proposal, comments about sex, including a request to do sex with her.”

Ahsan then allegedly sexually assaulted the girl by kissing and hugging her without her consent.

‘This was a sexual assault as the complainant did not consent and, as the Crown state, that the complainant did not believe that she was consenting,’ Miss Shotton added.

A recorded interview with the alleged victim was played to the court in which she said: “I was very confused. She offered to help me and every teacher has a favourite student and I thought it was like that.

‘She told me…that she had had sex before marriage and she’s a Muslim and that’s not appropriate in our religion.

‘She was all lovey-dovey but she also had an evil side and I considered her as evil.

‘Like I can’t control my eyes but she would say that my eyes are controlling.

‘She would try and blame me like I’m responsible for all of the things that aren’t in my control.

‘She told like who she’s had sex with, like she never talked about any details of it but like sometimes in her conversations she would imply stuff, like it’s not a big deal or it doesn’t hurt.

‘Considering that she was Asian, that she had an education, I found her cool like she’s got a physics degree, she’s funny, she’s done a lot of things.

‘She used to be very strict in her lessons but I used to be allowed to go to the toilet without asking her.

‘If I never used to allow her to kiss me, she would hug me and if I didn’t allow her to hug me she would try and kiss me.

‘Because it was GCSE times and I would consider myself as a hard working student, it made me try and understand what she would try to do.

‘So I would spend less time doing work and more time trying to think about what she was trying to do.’

The court heard Ahsan had four different phone numbers and despite the victim blocking her number, she still tried to get into contact with her.

Ahsan denies one count of sexual assault and told police none of the incidents happened and insisted she was into men.

The trial continues.

Source: Daily Mail