Terrorist who drove van into Muslims received messages from Tommy Robinson and Jayda Fransen

A terrorist who is accused of driving his van into a group of Muslim worshippers, Killing one person and injuring nine others, received messages from EDL founder Tommy Robinson, weeks before heading to London to kill ‘as many Muslims as possible.’

48-year-old Darren Osborne killed 51-year-old Makram Ali and injured several others moments after they had left a Mosque after late-night Ramadan prayers, in Finsbury Park, north London

Woolwich Crown Court also heard Osborne had received messages from Britain First deputy Jayda Fransen and EDL founder Tommy Robinson in the run up to the attack.

Jurors were shown Osborne’s online activity from his two iPhones and his daughters iPad leading up to the attack.

51-year-old Makram Ali

Only two weeks before the attack Osborne made Google searches for Britain First’s deputy leader Jayda Fransen, and its leader Paul Golding, including looking at their Twitter accounts, the court heard.

On June 3 he received a message from Jayda Fransen, the court heard.

Jonathan Rees QC, prosecuting, said: ‘Jayda Fransen sends a direct Twitter message. We can see it’s scheduled as from Jayda Fransen to Darren Osborne.

‘Hot on the heels of receiving that message from Jayda Fransen on Twitter, there is the London Bridge, Borough Market terrorist attack.’

A day later the jury is told Osborne made Google searches for Tommy Robinson, the co-founder and former spokesman of the English Defence League.

A couple of days later around June 6 he made searches about Islamic State supporters celebrating the Manchester attack online and made a search for ‘which party wants to bring back the death penalty’.

Days later he received a messages from Tommy Robinson asking him to take part in a rally in Manchester on June 11, it was said.

Prosecutor Jonathan Rees QC told Woolwich Crown Court that he was not suggesting that the direct Twitter messages was sent by Tommy.

He said it was a “screen shot of communication” from Tommy Robinson’s account to Osborne, adding: “No-one is suggesting it’s him in person but obviously people who follow Tommy Robinson.”

It read: “What Salman Abedi did is not the beginning and it won’t be the end.

“There is a nation within a nation forming just beneath the surface of the UK.

“It is a nation built on hatred, on violence and on Islam.”

‘It’s now been left to us, the ordinary people of the UK, to stand against hatred, and with one voice to say no more.

‘That’s why on Sunday the 11th of June, we will stand together in Manchester in opposition to hate. We will rally to demand action. We will make ourselves impossible to ignore.’

On June 14 he received another message asking for help for a woman said to have been raped ‘by a gang of men’ in Sunderland.

Both ended ‘yours truly, Tommy Robinson’, the court heard.

Mr Rees said: ‘That was the day on which Mr Osborne picked up the van. Having picked up the van, those tweets and web searches follow that. Google searches for Tommy Robinson.’

Darren Osborne was arrested by police after the incident in the early hours of June 19 in Finsbury Park, North London.

He was charged with terrorism-related murder and attempted murder in connection with the incident on June 23.

Osborne, of Cardiff, denies murder and attempted murder. The trial continues.