Toddler who has grown a foot-long tail is being worshipped as the Hindu ‘monkey god’

A three-year-old who has remarkably grown a foot-long tale is now being worshipped as a ‘monkey god’ in his home village in India.

Krishna Yadev, who looks like any normal three-year-old, has become a spectacle in his village and beyond with many believing he is the ‘living incarnation of Bajrangbali’, the Hindu Monkey God.

People all over India have visited the toddler to receive blessings.

Krishna Yadev was born with a small lump of flesh on his tailbone which his family refused to cut off, believing it would bring bad luck.

The lump of flesh has now grown into a foot long ‘real tail’.

The toddlers father, Ramsundar Yadav, said: ‘I thought maybe it is a god’s blessings and that my boy is actually an incarnation of the monkey god.

‘But when we consulted the doctors, they told me that it is an unwanted growth that can be removed after a minor operation.’

When the parents eventually asked doctors to remove the tail a few months ago Krishna became sick just before the operation date.

Many of those who believe Krishna to be Bajrangbali, the Hindu Monkey God, including his mother, saw this as a ‘warning from the gods’.

The toddlers mother said: ‘If we removed the tail, we may have to face the wrath of the gods.

‘Every time we get ready for the operation, some weird problems start happening — either my husband won’t be able to arrange funds in time or the boy would suddenly start running high fever.’

Neighbour Sunil Kumar said: ‘People from far away villages come to our place to get a glimpse of the boy and seek his blessings.’

Experts believe this occurs due to a lack of folic acid before pregnancy and in the very early weeks of pregnancy.

Doctors described the disease as ‘rare’ and said the growth needs to be removed..

Dr. Vipul Kumar of SRN Hospital, said: ‘The boy is suffering from a hormonal imbalance problem. One person in 20,000 gets afflicted by this.

‘This is a rare disease but not the dangerous one. The growth can be removed through a normal operation.

‘If the tail starts growing even after the operation, we will have to follow a more complex process to root out the possibility of regrowth.’