UK hotel refuses to book rooms to PIA male crew because they ‘pester’ female guests

A hotel in the United Kingdom has reportedly banned any male member of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), the national flag carrier for the country, from booking a room with them, Express News reported.

The airline has been accused of not dealing with cabin crew members who carry out inappropriate behaviour whilst staying at the hotel.

Whilst Pakistan Express Tribune, who reported the findings, has not named the hotel,, they have reported the UK hotel authorities state that women have reportedly felt uncomfortable with many of the cabin crew staying there.

It follows complaints after many were asked for their number by the workers.

The report from Pakistan’s Express Tribune found that female guests stated they felt “insecure” around many of the male members, after being “pestered” for their mobile number by the male crew members.

It went on to say the hotel management will not rent rooms to the crew until the problem is addressed.

PIA airlines and its staff have been in the media spotlight a number of times this year including in May, when British authorities confirmed that heroin was found on a PIA flight at London’s Heathrow airport.

After a thorough search authorities confiscated all the passports from cabin crew members on board after finding the drugs hidden in the plane’s panels.

The National Crime Agency of Britain is still investigating the discovery of narcotics from the Islamabad-London flight, PK-785.

Similarly, in February, a Heathrow-bound PIA aircraft was intercepted and escorted by British warplanes to Stansted airport in northeast London because of a ‘vague security threat’.

Later, a suspect was arrested and charged with fraud and misrepresentation by Metropolitan Police.