You won’t believe how many children get out of one car in India

It is not uncommon for a large number of people to travel in a single car in India and Pakistan but a viral video showing 20 children coming out of the back of a small car has left even Indians astonished.

The viral video shows a small car pull up on a busy road and a man holding the rear passenger door open as a stream of children hop out one by one.

The man recording the footage is left speechless after seeing up to 20 children get out of the vehicle one by one.

All 20 children stand together outside the car as the video finishes.

Over time, images of packed Indian trains and buses have become infamously familiar with hundreds of online memes being created.

The video highlights the staggering issues India faces with overcrowding with its estimated 1.35 billion people.

Indian trains carry millions of people daily but only a very small percentage of those actually manage to find a seat to sit on, while most of the travellers stand or even find a spot on top of the train.

Buses also face similar problems with some travellers can be seen hanging on to the packed buses from the outside.

By 2050, India is predicted to have overtaken China as the world’s most populous nation.

In an already overcrowded world, richer countries are being asked to share responsibility for the problem of this population explosion, which to a large extent is due to poverty.