Zainab Ansari killer/rapist given death sentence but mother asks for him to be stoned to death

A Pakistani serial killer who admitted raping and killing seven-year-old Zainab Ansari has been given four death sentences earlier today but the mother of the victim has pleaded for him to be stoned to death at the scene of where Zainab was found.

The trial was held in a special anti-terrorism court in Lahore on Saturday in the presence of the killer, Mohammad Imran Ali.

Imran Ali, who was a neighbour of the family of Zainab Ansari, was also accused of raping and murdering 6 to 7 other girls over the course of two years.

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had previously said the killer had “accepted all of his deeds” after a polygraph test was taken.

Rapist/killer Mohammad Imran Ali given four death sentences

The killer was tracked down after 1050 people were subjected to DNA tests during the investigation.

Zainab was kidnapped from her aunts home on January 4 while her parents travelled to Saudi Arabia to perform the ummrah pilgrimage.

Her body was found four days later in a garbage dumpster near where she had been kidnapped in Kasur district.

Shockingly it was the 12th incident of a girl being abducted, raped and killed in the past year alone in the district causing national protests.

The mother of the victim has said she deems the punishment handed down to her daughter’s killer as insufficient and has called for a public hanging.

“I want him hanged where he threw Zainab’s body. And he should be stoned. Hanging him is just ordinary for him,” Nusrat Amin told Al Jazeera.

“Everyone should take part in stoning him. And this thing about four hangings, one hanging, two hangings, what difference does it make? I want him hanged where he killed my girl.”

Ehtesham Qadir, the public prosecutor, said while Imran has the right to appeal, the verdict cannot be challenged since Imran confessed to eight similar attacks, including Zainab’s.

“The court handed down death on four counts and life imprisonment to Imran Ali in the rape and murder of the little girl, Zainab,” Qadir told Reuters news agency, adding that he will be tried further for at least seven other similar cases.

The family of Zainab will also receive one million Pakistani rupees in compensation by the attacker.