Sikh man helping a Muslim woman by holding her wheelchair throughout journey goes viral

A heartwarming photo of a Sikh man on his way home on a train helping a Muslim woman on a wheelchair has gone viral on social media.

Mr Miah, from London, took the photo of the woman who didn’t have her wheelchair positioned correctly and was moving back and forth every time the train jolted.

The Sikh man tried to help her by turning her chair around to face the wall of the train and even tried to use the breaks on the wheelchair to stop it from jolting, but to no avail.

It was then the Sikh man decided to hold the wheelchair from one side throughout the remainder of the journey!

Mr Miah said: ‘I’ve just seen the most beautiful thing whilst on the train home.’

‘The Muslim lady in the wheelchair, didn’t have her chair positioned correctly so every time the train jolted, her chair kept moving back and forth.’

‘The Sikh man sitting next to her noticed this, so he helped to turn her chair around so that the back of it is against the wall.’

‘He then tried to apply the breaks to stop it from rolling back and forth but noticed they weren’t working properly, so he decided to hold her chair like this for the rest of the journey.’

‘The world is a beautiful place when we look out for each other.’